"It is located along the best known street, at number 27, it is a small shop, but it is the treasure of the imagination" Cit.

Since the very beginning of this project, there was already the desire to do something different, even minimally, something that would make our work pleasant and our future customers satisfied. Everything is possible! Pen and paper, we draw down a drawing of ideas, images, lines and expressions, this is how the first draft was born almost a year ago.

What is Bottega 27?

Well surely, the definitive imprint, the brand and the history will come from experience and moving forward over time. The period we are going through is difficult, in all sectors, but those who are used to never giving up and reinventing something to do and do it well can only reap the benefits.

Bottega 27, is not just a shop, but it is an experience of taste, a path made of perfumes, flavors and excellences of the high quality Made in Italy food sector and beyond...

What products does Bottega 27 sell?

Mainly, high-level Made in Italy food products, but something else is also boiling in the pot... Every day we test, study, evaluate and select different products from the best Artisans and Producers.

The product categories are growing and there will be some news: we spoil that soon there will also be a line of "Accessories".

Do we bet online?

To web laymen and elderly traders, when you talk about E-Commerce and online sales, as a rule, they nod with a smile, just out of respect and close the conversation.

To date, in our opinion, the world of the web is comparable to a second virtual life, with immense opportunities but also countless obstacles and dangers. For those who want to work honestly, things must be done right.

We put e-commerce first, we worked day and night to make it efficient, navigable and safe. It is a project, in which we believe a lot, for this reason we have also relied on experts in the graphic sector, to make everything visually pleasing, with the right and accurate imprint for what Bottega 27 represents and must represent. A special thanks for this aspect goes to Copystudio which continues to support us, support us and "endure" us in our journey.

When will the physical store open in Modica?

As soon as the various bureaucracies of the case have been completed, we will be ready to host you in Modica, the city of Chocolate , obviously maintaining the current rules for the anti -Covid-19 regulations rigid and respecting all the safety measures.

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