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Bottega 27 has only one purpose, to bring only excellent quality products to your home, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable food and wine experience.

Our shop is not just a virtual shop , it is a journey of taste, where flavors and aromas meet excellent raw materials and find their home in the heart of Modica , where our store is located, which we will soon open to the public. Our business was born to make the best products on the market accessible to everyone, and it is the result of the passion we put into discovering the niche excellences of the territory .

Quality products: the selection comfortably at your home

Every day we take care to select the best and make sure that it arrives at your home in packages created and composed in order to enhance your personal tastes. A cure that pours into wanting to bring this world of refinement directly into your home, in a few simple steps. We take care of every stage, from the search for producers to delivery, to give you a pampering that will make you feel loved. We care so much about this aspect that we follow every step of the process: from the selection phase to transport, to make sure that everything meets our standards.

From a small local reality, thanks to the range of high quality products that we have managed to find, we are broadening our horizons: a journey into the world of food, which now also has its home in the Modica shop, where you can buy the items directly . By accessing our site, however, you will have the possibility to choose how to manage and organize your trolley in complete autonomy, but with our always available support, which will help you create customized packages and packages, based on your requests and needs . We will send you the products comfortably, preserving their quality and guaranteeing their safety, protection and freshness. Our shipments do not only cover the national territory, but also extend to the international one, always in compliance with our policy of control and optimal management of resources.

Bottega 27 participates in food and wine evolution

In a world where everything is constantly evolving, even gastronomy is changing, with greater refinement and a desire to discover new cultures and traditions through food. This has led to an ever-increasing development of virtual or physical shops, where you can buy gastronomic excellence from all continents.

What differentiates Bottega 27? The love and commitment we put into finding quality. The high-end selection allows us to guarantee respect for the raw materials , which are processed according to standard procedures and which do not affect their characteristics. For the selection of we make use of the support of guides such asGambero Rosso and publications in newspapers such as Dissapore . What we do is an exchange between trusted producers and those who love good, healthy food. A way to support and spread the food and wine culture.

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