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Bottega27 , after careful research among the various local artisan producers, has selected and continues to select the best products of our territory and puts them together to prepare collections of typical products ideal for creating Cooking Boxes to help you prepare a breakfast or a Sicilian lunch or dinner or happy hour.

In our shop you will find many different types of Gift Kits, but what all the selections have in common is the fact that they are always typical regional products of Sicily .

Here you will find the collection dedicated toFood and Wine Kits

We have chosen for you the best specialties of our land to help you bring our traditions to the table. For a typical Sicilian breakfast or for a lunch or dinner or a happy hour with the flavors of regional cuisine with friends: our Kit Boxes will bring Sicily and its delicacies to your table.

And for a snack or after dinner: the typical Sicilian desserts, almonds , the sweet or savory Sicilian pistachio spread and our inevitable Modica chocolate .

These kits of typical Sicilian products that can be purchased online at are a real down pack that makes everyone happy, young and old!

Sicilians have always loved to send the best products of the island to their loved ones in the north to remind them of their origins or simply to introduce local delicacies and delicacies. We have decided to do the same by offering you the opportunity to bring typical Sicilian products to your home, carrying on our tradition of taking care of our loved ones.

Kit Dolce: In Sicily, pastry is a combination of art and tradition. The flavors and processes of our artisan pastry are like in the old days. We follow ancient traditional recipes, but in Sicily desserts are also beautiful as well as tasty! At the sight of our sweets make your mouth water. Captivating and delicious, Sicilian sweets reflect the dominations that our island has undergone over the centuries. Influence after influence, the Sicilian culinary and confectionary culture was formed. One of a kind, loved and renowned in the world. In fact, wherever you go and talk about Sicilian cassata or Sicilian cannoli, you will find admirers of these well-known desserts.

Pasta KIT : Dried pasta, as we know it today, was invented in Sicily. In fact, the first evidence of pasta in Italy comes from medieval Sicily, where there was talk of "an important production center of pasta in the form of threads" in Trabia, near Palermo. Our Pasta Box contains everything you need for a typical Sicilian-style lunch or dinner at home. Artisan pasta and typical condiments based on pistachio cream, Sicilian pesto or tomato sauce grown in the Sicilian sun . In short, you will find all the ingredients needed for a traditional dish seasoned with a drizzle of Sicilian PGI EVO oil and accompanied by a typical Sicilian wine.

With Bottega27 's online Pacco da Giù , i.e. our pasta KIT, dessert KIT and aperitif KIT, we will bring to your home a selection of typical Sicilian artisan foods destined for the local market that would never have arrived in stores outside of our island. A unique opportunity to buy Modica Chocolate or Sicilian Pistachio online, but also Organic Pasta ,legumes , street food snacks.

Surely, our Kits, selected and packaged with skill, thanks to the quality of their products, will allow you to make a good impression both with your loved ones and if you offer them as a gift to a loved one.


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