Carrubato di Sicilia: un'innovazione nella tradizione
The first and exclusive Sicilian carob bar without cocoa, without milk and without added sugar was created by a Modica company, Ciokarrua , which has been engaged since 2002 in the transformation of Sicilian carob into a world-famous super food of excellence

Carrubato di Sicilia ® : a delicious healthy alternative to chocolate and industrial snacks

We are all aware of how easy it can be to gorge on sweets and the simplest and fastest proposals seem to be just industrial snacks full of preservatives, dyes, artificial sugars, all placed on the shelves of supermarkets and large-scale retail chains at stellar and often unattainable prices.

But the damage that all this trash food does to the body?

If you are looking for a delicious healthy alternative to all these industrial and commercial products, you are in the right online shop!

Bottega27 is a 100% Sicilian and 100% artisan food and drink shop and, in carefully selecting all the products available online, it has chosen to introduce super food par excellence with Sicilian carob, very tasty and, nowadays, super in demand for their wholesomeness and versatility in the kitchen.

In addition to the classic Modica PGI chocolate bar , whether traditional or organic , Bottega27 offers an alternative to those who love to delight in real healthy food but above all to those who are intolerant to cocoa and for this reason have stopped eating chocolate and cocoa from a long time.

Healthy alternative to chocolate?

The Modican artisan company Ciokarrua has created the first and exclusive carob bar without cocoa, without milk and without added sugar : Carrubato di Sicilia ® is an excellent Sicilian carob superfood that looks like chocolate but is not at all!

It looks like chocolate but it's so much more!

With a dark brown color and a flattened rectangular shape, the Carrubato di Sicilia tablet contains only two main ingredients : organic carob pulp flour and cocoa butter which is not considered an allergen at all. Two ingredients that do not include anything else: no milk, no sugar, no cocoa, no preservatives, no colourants, no emulsifiers.

A gluten and caffeine free product, 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% artisanal, ideal for young and old. A healthy proposal to replace chocolate and various high-calorie snacks for children but also a fantastic pre- or post-workout energy bar for adults who like to take care of themselves by eating only healthy food low in calories and sugar but high in fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (find out the benefits of carob by clicking here) which help our body's health.

The popularity of the Sicilian carob tablet

One of the main reasons why thelocust bean tablet with no added sugar is so popular is because it can help lower cholesterol levels since carob contains catechins, substances that block the absorption of cholesterol in the body: when catechins are consumed, the Cholesterol in the bloodstream is reduced, thus helping to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Another big benefit of the no added sugar locust bar is that it promotes heart health: a meta-analysis published in 2015 showed that consumers of no added sugar locust beans had a significantly lower risk of suffering from heart disease than not consumers. Furthermore, research has shown that consumers of locust beans without added sugars tended, of course, to have lower blood sugar levels: this shows that the positive effects of locust beans without added sugars are not only limited to heart health, but also to the management of blood sugar levels.

Carrubato di Sicilia is therefore a great ally for our diabetic friends who will never have to give up sweet gluttonous moments again!

Helping children stay fit with Sicilian carob sugar-free tablets

One of the main priorities of the creation of Carrubato di Sicilia by Ciokarrua is to guarantee the well-being and health of children by offering them tasty but at the same time healthy delicacies that do not affect their health in the slightest... on the contrary!

Children don't have to deal with an excess of sugary products harmful to their health but with a conscious choice of healthy products that allow them to grow up with taste and pleasure, helping them to increase their cognitive, motor and emotional skills.

All by drawing only on the highest quality ingredients from organic farming cultivated in compliance with the quality standards set by Italian legislation.

To ensure that children stay fit, to reinforce their cognitive and creative skills by helping them maintain a healthy and balanced diet , organic Sicilian carob sugar-free tablets are a valuable resource as they provide them and their parents with a great choice of flavours. unique and authentic ( pure, orange, hazelnuts, ginger ) that will make them grow strong and beautiful but above all in shape.

Carob pulp flour: main ingredient of Carrubato di Sicilia®. Find out how to use it in the kitchen, delighting everyone.

Did you know that you can use carob pulp flour for nutritious and super tasty sweet and savory recipes? Organoleptic characteristics and unique flavor make it a perfect ally for a healthy and balanced diet but above all make it a pleasant surprise for aspiring or professional chefs to experiment with recipes full of flavour.

In recent years, pulp flour has been increasingly used in the kitchen and has earned a place of honor thanks to its incredible qualities. Being gluten, lactose and added sugar free , it is an excellent substitute for ingredients commonly used by those suffering from food intolerances, such as cocoa powder which contains nickel.

Are you intolerant to the nickel contained in cocoa powder? Don't worry, there is organic carob pulp flour to help you and delight you with lots of quality recipes!

This organic flour is good for everyone's health because it is produced directly from carob pulp, a super food rich in fibre, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which regulates our entire body.

The consumption of carob pulp flour is the perfect choice for those who want to lead a balanced diet , with simple ingredients, avoiding the consumption of refined flours as much as possible. A return to ancient times, in which the priority was to consume the foods of the earth that were nutritious and more suitable for the human body ( see the other alternative flours from Bottega27 here ).

Healthy choices that don't involve any renunciation of taste! In fact, carob pulp flour adds flavor and character to all your home-made or gourmet recipes!

From the tree to the kitchen: source of natural well-being at your fingertips

The carob is a majestic evergreen tree that grows in the Sicilian countryside in a natural way, without chemical interventions . Since ancient times it has given us a 100% organic fruit with which many products are made today, including pulp flour.

During the manufacturing process of the carob pulp flour, the pods are separated from the seeds, the carats; the selected pulp is micronized and toasted.

The final result?

A scented powder, terracotta colour, naturally sweet and delicious.

Carob is a fiber concentrate that helps improve the regularity of our intestines. Thanks to this, its flour has a great satiating power and we can consume it in a wide variety of recipes to meet our daily energy needs.

Carob has always been known as the "chocolate of the poor" because of its taste very similar to cocoa but sweeter than the latter. Thanks to its natural sweetness, with hints of figs and molasses, we can make our recipes perfect even with a reduced intake of refined sugars . In addition, the slightly acidic notes of licorice balance its flavour, for a taste with truly unique characteristics.

Its unique scent conquers us as soon as we open the package of flour: the nostrils are pervaded by a delicate smell that tastes of the earth, of tradition. The sensation, for those who are familiar with these scents, is that of being catapulted into the Ragusa countryside, among the imposing shapes of the carob trees, laden with ripe fruit that fill the jute sacks placed underneath.

A reservoir of calcium, potassium and magnesium, carob provides important support to our bones while the polyphenols it contains have an antioxidant action and counteract free radicals.

Thisprotein flour with few carbohydrates and low glycemic index should never be missing in our pantry if we want to follow a healthy, good and genuine diet.

Suggested in the diet of diabetics who do not particularly suffer from the presence of fructose, very suitable for children because it lacks stimulants, it is an excellent alternative to cocoa for wonderful soft and fragrant cakes.

What about all the other carob products?

In addition to carob pulp flour, there are many other products whose main ingredient is Sicilian carob : carob seed flour , candies, Sicilian carob tablets, organic and vegan spreadable creams, natural extract, grappa , the liqueurs…

New and inviting recipes with carob pulp flour

With pulp flour we can create original variations of our favorite dishes . Just combine it with other flours – durum or soft wheat, buckwheat – to experiment with new dishes. Under our hands, a chocolatey dough will come to life to which we add water or eggs to reach the consistency suitable for kneading the fragrant carob bread or pasta .

It will be nice to surprise our guests with dark-colored tagliatelle served with a handful of freshly chopped parsley and a white meat sauce or with tuna roe and mint. The infinite combination possibilities will whet the imagination of the most daring for a roundup of first courses with a unique flavor!

Your homemade bread will have something extra: appetizing aroma and flavour. Good and fragrant, you can slice it and enjoy it for breakfast spread with a delicious layer of organic and vegan carob jam or cream. Excellent as an accompaniment to savory second courses such as caponata and meat. Try it for an appetizing aperitif combined with a Sicilian caponata!

In sweet recipes we can use carob flour as a perfect substitute for cocoa for soft cakes, very soft plum cakes, delicious creams or as a tasty and less caloric variant of butter biscuits or even sprinkled on a classic tiramisu. We can combine it with other flours made from dried fruit, such as hazelnut flour or almond flour, for unusual and delicious recipes.

With a little imagination and a desire to experiment, we can create original, healthy dishes with a unique flavor !

Long live the Sicilian carob, long live Sicily!

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