I 10 migliori Dolci Tipici Siciliani per il Natale secondo Dissapore

The 10 best typical sweets of Sicily for Christmas

Dissapore has selected Bottega27 among the best e-commerce of Sicilian handicraft products

Christmas is approaching and there is no shortage of good news!

Bottega27 has been selected by Dissapore as an e-commerce where to find the best typical Sicilian desserts for Christmas.

Our selection has hit the favorite site of all lovers of cooking, food and culinary excellence: Dissapore is a blog that proposes the narration of food by collecting the most important news from the world of food and nutrition every day, presenting them honestly and objectivity. Excellent starting point for food bloggers, food lovers, chefs, master chefs , food porn enthusiasts in general!

Take a look at what Dissapore wrote about us, read the article here .

The best panettone Christmas 2021

We've already talked about the best Christmas panettone 2021 and let's get back to the subject, as Dissapore has put our handmade panettone from Modica in first place among the best desserts for Christmas.

Soft and consistent, Bottega27 artisanal panettone brings true tradition back to the attention of Italians. Authentic, delicious, fragrant, our panettone comes from one of the best pastry shops in Modica and arrives at the customer's home as freshly baked.

There are three variants: classic, as true panettone lovers like it, with pistachio, to tell all the taste of Sicily, with Modica PGI chocolate , intense and unique.

If we say Christmas we immediately think of panettone and this great product of the Italian tradition could not be missing from our Christmas collection.

Do you know why panettone is called that?

The origin of the name panettone could go back to two characteristics of the cake: the first is the massive use of yeast, once sold in "panetti"; the second relates to its inventor, Toni, official cook of the Sforza family who cooked a dessert for the nobles with a few simple ingredients, yeast, flour, eggs, raisins, candied fruit and sugar. The name panettone would thus derive from "Pan di Toni".

Sicilian organic and vegan sweet spreads

The best homemade spreadable sweet creams

There are those who prefer to prepare homemade desserts at Christmas . Bottega 27 has also thought of these fearless food-loving chefs: our artisanal spreadable creams are products of excellence that make us very proud to be their resellers.

Sicilian Pistachio, Sicilian Gianduia, Hazelnut & Carob : these are our artisanal spreadable creams produced with healthy and genuine ingredients.

Certified organic raw materials that allow you to enjoy an excellent product also suitable for vegans and those who follow a dairy-free diet: our creams contain no milk, butter, thickeners, preservatives, colourings: only genuineness and goodness! GLUTEN FREE

They are excellent in typical homemade desserts, but also spread on a simple slice of bread for a delicious snack. Try them all!

Sicilian cannoli kit online

At Christmas the goal is always to amaze guests with something good and surprising. Dissapore has best described our Sicilian cannoli kit with Hyblaean vaccine ricotta, describing them in their composition: crunchy and crumbly wafers, sac à poche with fresh pasteurized vaccine ricotta, and a delicious topping of Sicilian grains.

Bottega27 allows you to order the Sicilian cannoli kit online and receive it comfortably at home in a new freshness-saving package. We have designed it specifically to offer a product as if it has just come out of the pastry shop, delicious, fragrant and creamy at the same time, with an inimitable sweetness.

Fresh pastries and dry pastries

Dissapore also talked about our other best-selling typical Sicilian products, those of dry pastries and fresh pastries.

One of the most sought-after desserts of the fresh pastries on our e-shop is the typical Sicilian cow's milk ricotta cassata , prepared with scrupulous attention and passion by one of our trusted local pastry shops according to the traditional recipe. The dessert arrives intact and fresh at the home of all Italians as it is prepared upon ordering and delivered, in an isothermal box with ice, in just 48/72h.

Our Sicilian cassata is prepared only with fresh and genuine ingredients selected by our trusted master pastry chef: a very soft sponge cake made only of eggs, sugar, flour and butter, we place a delicious layer of fresh and creamy ricotta, sugar and drops of Modica chocolate . To top it off, a delicious icing covering with marzipan made from almond flour and sugar .

The Sicilian cassata is an excellent choice to amaze guests at Christmas, Easter or at any time of the year because it is very good and is excellent to be enjoyed at the end of a meal accompanied by an artisanal Sicilian liqueur!

What about the product range of our dry confectionery?

Typical Modica biscuits such as Mpanatigghi with Chocolate , Cobaita with Sicilian Sesame , butter biscuits, Nucatoli in the shape of an "S" and many other products are available on our online shop and can be inserted to enrich your fantastic boxes Christmas where giving quality food has become an absolute must.

Sicilian biscuits online sale

Check out our online shop and try them all!

We thank Dissapore for the space it has dedicated to us. We are ready to offer you a very good Christmas with the best traditional Sicilian desserts. Visit our shop and celebrate with taste!

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