Panettoni e Box di Natale per privati ed aziende

The best artisanal panettone for a truly special Christmas

inside rich and generous customizable Christmas boxes to give true emotions of Sicilian taste to those you love most!

Personalized gifts?

You are on the right online shop :contact us to customize your Christmas boxes or choose the boxes already assembled by Bottega27 !

Starting from October we at Bottega27 are working to give you all a delicious Christmas ! There are many new things that you can find, from time to time, on our online shop : we know how to surprise you with our continuous and delicious food and wine news!

Some ideas?

Local artisan panettone in different variations: traditional, pistachio, Modica chocolate, top quality classic method, chocobox of Modica PGI chocolate or organic chocolate or Carrubato di Sicilia , organic & vegan spreadable creams , pieces of the best fresh Sicilian pastries represented by our artisanal cakes and from our cow's milk ricotta cannoli kits , the most fragrant and traditional typical Sicilian biscuits (almond biscuits, nucatoli, 'mpanatigghie, etc.) , organic and traditional wines , Sicilian grappa , artisanal liqueurs, preserves, nougats and many others 100% artisanal, 100% Sicilian products.

At Christmas, as at all times of the year, the watchword is quality: we make a careful and accurate selection of the best local food and wine products to bring a bit of Sicily directly to your home or to the home of those you love with a simple click.

Gift voucher B27

Don't know what to give as there are so many products? Choose the B27 GIFT VOUCHER and let the very lucky person who receives it as a gift have fun... we are sure they will be grateful to you! Personalize your voucher with a note!

And for corporate Christmas gifts... how to do it?

Every year the same old story: Christmas is approaching and you don't know what to give to your colleagues or collaborators but, with Bottega27 at hand, the music changes! Bottega27 helps you personalize any type of product you see online by placing it in special packaging with special bows and ribbons, it will print your greeting cards to insert inside, it will hand write a sweet thought to make the gift package truly unique.Contact us to personalize your Christmas gifts or choose from one of our pre-set proposals!

With Bottega27 , Christmas is the way you want it: in just a few clicks you will order your delicious personalized box, a truly unique Christmas gift, perfect for your loved ones but also for colleagues and friends. No longer the usual Christmas basket full of second choice products. Our customizable Bottega 27 boxes are a unique taste experience, a gift that fills the hearts of the people who receive them with joy as well as their palate: choose only quality artisan products, choose the Sicily of Bottega27 !

You choose the products, we take care of the packaging and insured express shipping in Italy and Europe . We will place your choices inside selected elegant boxes to ensure maximum sophistication and beauty. You will receive your personalized box at home ready to enjoy or give as a gift to whoever you want.

The most popular products for Christmas?

Here are some of our most sought after Christmas products:

  • Classic artisanal panettone , prepared according to traditional processing methods. The ingredients that compose it are few, simple, but selected with care and attention, the same that are also used in the leavening times. The cooking takes place in professional ovens that respect all the organoleptic characteristics of the product, so as to guarantee the best taste, the authentic one of artisanal panettone;
  • Artisanal panettone with Modica PGI chocolate , the flagship of our Christmas selection. We decided to combine the king of Christmas product with what best describes Modica, namely its chocolate. Our artisanal panettone with Modica PGI chocolate meets the most demanding palates looking for new taste emotions. Not the usual panettone with chocolate but a real delight that will catapult you into the truest Sicily. The preparation is artisanal, with many hours of leavening and delicate and loving processing. The surprising Modica PGI chocolate flakes are added to the delicious sourdough-based dough, in large pieces, so that every bite becomes an endless celebration;
  • Artisanal panettone with Sicilian pistachio , another product that tells the story of our land in a unique and inimitable way. Our pistachio panettone comes from one of the best artisan pastry shops in Modica and arrives at your home freshly baked. The tenderness of the dough, the crunchiness of the pistachio. Tradition and innovation come together, craftsmanship and surprise are the combination to create our artisanal Sicilian pistachio panettone. No product speaks of Sicily better than pistachio and this panettone contains only the best fruits. The recipe uses the highest quality raw materials, 100% Made in Sicily and zero kilometre, to offer the best taste experience even at Christmas. Surprise your guests or enjoy a moment of pleasure of your own.

Not sure which of the three to choose? Buy our trio of artisanal panettone from Modica online at a super affordable price!

Other popular products...

The best Modica PGI Chocolate , a triumph of flavor and tradition carried forward for centuries. The production process of Modica PGI Chocolate is the one that the Spaniards, after the discovery of America, brought to Europe: it is characterized by the maintenance of a low temperature during processing which does not affect the organoleptic properties of the cocoa and leaves almost the sugar crystals inside intact. There are many variations also in the organic version. Let yourself be amazed by the graininess of Modica PGI chocolate and its intense flavour.

Our Sicilian cow ricotta cannoli kits , the only ones online! Around a festively laid table, typical Sicilian desserts cannot be missing and what dessert represents Sicily more than a ricotta cannoli? Our ricotta cannoli kits will allow you to make your own home-made cannoli just before tasting it so as to experience a unique and inimitable explosion of taste on the palate! We worked to make the raw materials even higher quality and so that the packaging maintained their freshness for a long time ( find out more about our cow's milk ricotta cannoli kits here).

And then again ... the artisanal Sicilian cassata , the Savoy cake, the artisanal biscuits ... what can I say?!

We at Bottega27 strive every day to bring only the best of typical Sicilian quality products to your table to make you discover the authentic taste of our beloved land, the "bedda" Sicily.

At Christmas, amaze those you love with all the products from .

Visit our online shop and personalize your Christmas!

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