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This 2021 summer is a special one and we at Bottega27 have decided to pamper you a little with an equally special and one-of-a-kind dessert: the Sicilian Summer Panettone with Modica PGI Chocolate and Apricot that we have included among the sweets of La Typical Sicilian Dolceria .

Those who follow us know that we have never stopped offering you the best, but summer 2021 has the flavor of rebirth and with the desire to start over we have decided to outdo ourselves with a high quality panettone made especially for us, and for you, from Pasticceria Adamo di Modica, very renowned locally and beyond .

Few and genuine ingredients, a light recipe, with sourdough and artisanal processing, the addition of PGI Modica Chocolate and Sicilian Apricots to give life to a soft and digestible panettone.

We thought of this summer panettone as a source of sweetness and at the same time a boost of energy to give us energy!

summer artisan panettone

How to enjoy the summer panettone

At breakfast we need energy , even in summer . An artisanal, soft panettone with chocolate drops and apricots is a perfect alternative to brioche and industrial sweets; moreover, it does not contain any dyes or additives and is prepared with perfectly balanced but above all healthy and artisanal ingredients.

Cut a slice of panettone and accompany it with the classic coffee or cappuccino; or, if you prefer a fresher breakfast in the summer, we at Bottega27 recommend it soaked in almond milk.

Almond milk is energetic and rich in vitamins and mineral salts that help to face the summer heat. If you want a valid and genuine product, try our almond paste loaf to dissolve in a liter of water to obtain fresh Sicilian almond milk at home. You will discover an exquisite combination that you won't want to leave anymore.

As a snack , a nice slice of summer panettone goes well with granita or fruit cremolata, vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream, a treat for adults and children.

Even on the beach, under an umbrella, a slice of artisanal summer panettone is the perfect snack for a light snack.

In Sicily we have always combined ice cream and granita with brioche with tuppo , the symbol of summer par excellence, which many tourists discover on holiday with us!

So we decided to offer the same delicious pairing with summer panettone because in Sicily we know very well that the fragrance of leavened desserts and ice cream are an explosive combination to say the least!

Do you want to impress your guests at lunch or dinner? Serve the Sicilian Summer Panettone with Modica PGI Chocolate and Apricot for dessert, cut it into slices and enjoy it with pistachio spreadable cream or together with almond cream , also these typical Sicilian delights that cannot be missed on our all-Sicilian online shop Bottega27 .

For a different evening, serve the summer panettone together with chocolate liqueur, amaro or limoncello. Also in mid-August and on every occasion during the summer months, you will have a unique and surprising dessert.

Can you eat panettone all year round?

The summer panettone has now become a cult. It is often found at poolside parties on August 15th.

We know that the sweet tooth among you don't even ask this question and can't wait to taste the summer gastronomic panettone even in summer ! Others, on the other hand, are amazed when someone proposes variations to the tradition, but we are sure that by tasting this amazing chocolate and apricot panettone they will change their mind!

It is true that in Italy we are traditionalists and panettone coincides with the Christmas holidays. But did you know that in the rest of the world they love Italian panettone so much that it is possible to find it at any time of the year? From England to Peru, it won't be difficult for you to buy panettone in any supermarket.

But we at Bottega27 are not traditionalists only for anniversaries, and we believe that how is more important than when. In fact, we like to keep tradition alive especially when it comes to Italian quality and excellence regardless of the dates.

This is why we are not satisfied with just any panettone and we only want the best, because the summer panettone is an artisanal dessert handmade and made to order, like most of the delights offered by Bottega27's La Tipica Dolceria Siciliana .

So, if you're still wondering if homemade panettone is suitable for the summer heat, the answer is yes. Yes because it does not contain second choice ingredients, additives and preservatives. The sourdough, the long hours of leavening and the handmade processing make it absolutely digestible, even by children. When desserts are prepared with care and dedication, there's no reason not to enjoy them all year round!

Our summer panettone is delicious, soft, light and fragrant. Pasticceria Adamo di Modica , awarded many times by Gambero Rosso, made it especially for us using only top quality local ingredients such as soft wheat flour, butter, egg yolk, honey, milk, natural sourdough.

The final touch is 12% Cioccolato di Modica PGI , with a unique taste in the world and 12% Sicilian apricots , for a delicious but light and balanced filling with the rest of the ingredients.

Pasticceria Adamo is a historic pastry shop in Modica that keeps alive the love for local products and quality raw materials by always offering desserts with an inimitable taste.

Don't miss this novelty and order the Sicilian Summer Panettone with Modica PGI Chocolate and Apricot now to ensure yourself a premium quality gourmet product. In fact, like all fine artisan desserts, even the summer panettone is made in limited quantities based on requests, don't wait!

You will receive it with express shipping in Italy and Europe starting from 15 June 2021, for a summer full of flavour.

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