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Do you know why our Sicilian cannoli kits are so special?

Bottega27 's Sicilian cannoli kits are the only ones you can find online with the supply of cow's milk ricotta instead of sheep's .

Our preference is linked to the history of our territory for which, in all of Sicily, we are the only ones who fill Sicilian cannoli with the soft and delicious cow ricotta.

You absolutely must try them also because our Sicilian cannoli kit is really fun as, once on the table, it creates a moment of joyful sharing among the diners who find themselves creating their own Sicilian cow ricotta cannoli, a truly unique!

Our Sicilian cannoli kits to compose at home contain: crumbly and crunchy wafers like fresh out of the fryer, sac à poche with soft and tasty cow's milk ricotta , pistachio grains, Modica PGI chocolate or Sicilian Carrubato to garnish as you like!

The ricotta cannoli kit by Bottega27 is shipped in complete safety because preserving our products is the first rule for us: in fact, you will receive a package containing the cannoli wafers in a freshness-saving box , the sac à poche in a isothermal polystyrene with dry ice inside and finally our amazing Sicilian grains in sealed and separate sachets.

The Bottega27 ricotta cannoli kit is ideal for ending a cheerful family meal during your everyday life or at Christmas, Easter, even in summer!

Well yes! Our cannoli kits, thanks to the conservation practices explained above, can travel safely even in the summer...try to believe!

Zero-kilometer cow ricotta, very fresh and abundant!

Ricotta is the heart of the Sicilian cannolo and being such it must abound: in reality about 70/75gr of ricotta per cannolo would be enough, but we super greedy prefer to put 90gr for each fragrant cannolo wafer !

What if you feel like preparing a decomposed cannoli where the ricotta is not inside the cannolo but it is the cannolo wafer that gets lost in a mountain of frothy ricotta? Perfect! That's why we said to ourselves: "we need more ricotta here" and in fact the sac à poche contains 500g of cow's milk ricotta!

And then, in addition to the cannoli kit, we know that you love using our delicious Sicilian cow's milk ricotta in other preparations and recipes such as, for example, with shortcrust pastry tarts or home made tarts, so what?

Buy our very comfortable Sicilian vaccine ricotta pastry bags online and indulge your imagination as professional pastry chefs, maybe bring out a verve that you didn't even know you had! We encourage you!

And where do we find so much ricotta all together?

Bottega27 has a personal supplier of pasteurized cow ricotta that processes the milk exclusively from cows in the Ragusa area and then transforms it into soft and irresistible ricotta to fill desserts and cannoli.

A small but precious local producer, a dairy in the Ragusa area that allows us to buy very fresh cow's milk ricotta without intermediaries : practically from the producer to the consumer and this is truly a luxury for the few!

Genuine cow's milk ricotta!

Our ricotta is genuine, prepared with fresh milk from cows that graze in the Ragusa countryside.

Light and much more digestible than goat ricotta, our ricotta cream contains only 195 calories per 100 grams of product with the precise dose of sugar (23gr per 100 grams of ricotta), all the rest is amazing Ragusan cow's milk!

In the past years we used blast chilled ricotta to preserve it for a couple of days, but given the great success of the Sicilian cannoli kit and following the many requests to be able to order the cannoli kit close to holidays such as Easter, we decided to use only pasteurized ricotta : the pasteurization process extends the shelf life of the ricotta up to 60 days after production by keeping it in the fridge between 0 and 4 °C and consumed within 4-5 days once the sac à poche is opened.

And what else can we do to make the cannoli kit even more amazing? Ah yes, the waffle!

Crunchy wafer as freshly made

As required by the Sicilian cannoli recipe, our cannoli wafer is prepared by a small local cannolificio in an absolutely artisanal way with the best soft wheat and Manitoba flours, lard, sugar, a pinch of sea salt, flavored with cocoa powder , vanillin and cinnamon.

The result is a crunchy and crumbly wafer , fried in sunflower oil in small quantities at a time, with the artisanal method and in oil that is always clean so as to barely brown the cannolo wafer without leaving the bad aftertaste of the reused oil over and over again .

The waffles are ordered and fried from time to time according to your orders, to let you taste the best Sicilian cannoli kits as if you bought them in a Sicilian pastry shop!

Unlike ricotta, cannoli wafers should not be placed in the fridge, you can keep them in their packaging at room temperature in the pantry away from heat sources.

But isn't something missing? Yes, the gasket!

Sicilian pistachio grain, Modica chocolate or Sicilian carob?

Garnishing the cannoli is the final touch that gives color and flavor to this traditional Sicilian sweet. There are so many possibilities but we have once again chosen exclusive products of excellence typical of our local area.

You can combine the delicacy of ricotta with: pure Modica PGI chocolate grains , with its unmistakable taste, made at low temperatures with raw materials of the highest quality; the fragrant pistachio grain from Sicily which offers a magical exclusive variant both on sight and on the palate, with its unique sweet-salty contrast; the grain of Carrubato di Sicilia, an exclusive of the Modica Ciokarrua company specialized in the processing of Sicilian carob (find out more here ).

Undecided about the grain to put on?

The trigusto cannoli is an invention that the sweet tooth will certainly appreciate... indulge yourself and enjoy your cannoli directly at home!

An advice?

Prepare your Sicilian cow ricotta cannoli shortly before serving and taste them so that the wafer remains crunchy! If you make them too early, the humidity of the ricotta will soften the cannoli, ruining the "crunchy" effect that is essential for this typical Sicilian dessert.

Order now your kit of Sicilian cannoli with cow's milk ricotta, available on our online shop, in kits of 5, 10 and 15 cannoli. Guaranteed express shipping throughout Italy and Europe.

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