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If for some, it still appears to be a taboo, the combination of chocolate with savory dishes can become a unique delicacy, an almost magical touch... the secret? Quality products, study of ingredients and flavours.

Today, we're talking about the Sicilian Artisan Caponata with Wild Thyme Chocolate flakes, handmade and handcrafted by the producer Ciomod in Modica.

caponata Siciliana

Caponata Siciliana has been known for some time. A mix of vegetarian flavours, which come from fried vegetables, seasoned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dried tomatoes, capers and vinegar, to accentuate the sweet and sour notes.

The caponata, which Bottega 27 has selected, is produced in Syracuse, handcrafted and traditionally by Bella Mia Gourmet with raw materials of the highest quality and from local plantations.

The caponata: numerous variations, based on the ingredients used, but the Sicilian one, widespread throughout the territory, is used as a side dish or appetizer, sometimes accompanied by good aged cheese.

Wild Thyme Chocolate

Wild Thyme Chocolate is born right in Modica, directly from the Ciomod sweet foundries , in a cold process, as tradition dictates. This bar combines the intense taste of the precious single origin National Cacao Ecuador with Sicilian wild thyme , also called Satra .

Historical plant, which grows very well in the sunny Sicilian territory, sometimes even better if exposed to salt air, has very ancient origins and uses, since the ancient Romans who used it as an anti-pain reliever; it was thought that it also protected combatants in war, for this reason it became a symbol of strength and courage.


We have thus presented you the two essential products, to give life to a Gourmet dish, typical Sicilian, which combines the unique taste of a caponata made to perfection and the intense notes of Cocoa and Ibleo Wild Thyme.

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