The most famous typical Sicilian dessert in the world: ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, madame et monsieur, we present to you his majesty, the Sicilian ricotta cannoli !

DIY Sicilian cannoli kit and where to buy it online

Today the imitation of our Sicilian cannoli, among the most famous typical sweets of Sicily, can be found in many pastry shops in Italy but to taste the real and authentic Sicilian ricotta cannoli you absolutely must come to Sicily or order your cannoli kit from ricotta vaccine from the Iblei mountains on our online shop Bottega27 .

Comfortably seated on the sofa of your home, with a simple click, you can order your Sicilian cannoli kit online and we guarantee safe express shipping in 48/72h, free in Italy starting from €39.00 .

Our Sicilian cow ricotta cannoli kit is shipped in total safety by placing the ricotta in an isothermal box containing gel ice so as not to alter its freshness and integrity in the slightest. So don't worry!

We have really thought of everything because we like the idea of ​​being able to reach all of you in Italy and Europe in a short time, thus spreading the many products in which we believe so much.

The magical ingredients of Sicilian cannoli

Artisan Sicilian cannoli are made with high quality raw materials and local ingredients with a unique taste that you won't find anywhere else!

The filling of Sicilian cannoli: a heart of ricotta

Ricotta is the central part of the cannoli, but what is the right ricotta for Sicilian cannoli ? In Sicily two types of ricotta are used: sheep ricotta and cow ricotta.

In most of Sicily you can find cannoli with sheep's milk ricotta (Palermo, Catania, Messina, etc.), while in the Ragusa area and therefore in Modica you can only find cannoli with cow's milk ricotta from the Iblei mountains .

Both ricottas are produced from certified milk from safe and controlled pastures, they are therefore foods of high nutritional value : from a nutritional point of view, cow's ricotta provides a lower amount of fat than sheep's, but has a higher protein and therefore provides more energy per weight.

The ricotta used in Bottega27 's Sicilian cannoli kit is always cow's milk ricotta produced in the Ragusa area and comes from DOP milk produced by cows reared in the wild on the Iblei mountains. Here the native Modica breeds graze in a land rich in fresh grass, flowers, orange trees and possible additions of forage: for this reason the milk, and therefore the cow's milk ricotta, take on a unique and unmistakable taste and aroma.

Added to this is the craftsmanship of small local producers whose skill and experience have contributed to the recognition of the Hyblaean vaccine ricotta as a traditional Italian agri-food product.

For the filling of our Modica cannoli , therefore, only very fresh cow's milk ricotta is used and processed with sugar to obtain a delicious velvety cream of soft and light ricotta , very delicate but extremely tasty.

For food safety reasons , the ricotta is pasteurized before being packaged in sac à poche and its shelf life is approximately 60 days from production if kept correctly in the fridge (and not in the freezer) between 0-4°. Once opened, the sac à poche can be kept in the fridge between 0-4° for about 4/5 days.

The cannoli wafer: light and crunchy

If the ricotta is soft and creamy, the Sicilian cannoli wafer offers an appetizing and delicious contrast.

The Sicilian ricotta cannoli wafer must be light and crunchy, golden and with the typical bubbles on the surface: once bitten, together with the ricotta, it must have the right degree of friability to be fully savored and then melt in the mouth together with the ricotta vaccinate.

The pods of the Bottega27 cannoli kit are handcrafted in a small laboratory in the Syracuse area and are fried at the time of the order and then packaged, still fragrant, and shipped directly to your home in a comfortable but above all safe freshness-saving and shockproof box.

The dough of 00 flour and manitoba flour, flavored with a pinch of cinnamon and vanillin, slightly colored with cocoa powder , makes Bottega27's Hyblean cow ricotta cannoli a real masterpiece of taste and goodness!

Bottega27 Sicilian cannoli kit composition

Our cannoli kit with ricotta cheese from the Iblei mountains consists of a freshness-saving container containing 5 cannoli wafers fragrant and scented as freshly fried by our trusted artisan cannoli factory; 500 g of pasteurized cow's milk ricotta from the Iblei mountains placed in a convenient and practical sac à poche; bags containing Sicilian grains including Modica IGP chocolate, Sicilian pistachio and Sicilian carob to perfectly garnish your Sicilian cannoli.

The chopped Modica PGI chocolate ( which stands out for its high percentage of cocoa, the absence of added cocoa butter and the cold processing which gives it the typical grainy consistency) comes from a production of excellence , with the processing by hand of quality raw materials respecting 1 00% artisanal and 100% traditional standards. Modica chocolate is a real guarantee, always!

Sicilian Pistachio grain is a food exported all over the world for its high nutritional value but above all for its goodness: the typical taste between sweet and savoury, very aromatic is the strong point of this amazing Sicilian product.

The grains of Carrubato di Sicilia , the perfect substitute for classic chocolate, are an original product of Ciokarrua, a local artisan company that transforms the local carob into an excellent superfood , one of the most representative superfruits for our beloved Sicilian land: find out the complete collection of organic carob products here!

Why prefer a DIY cannoli kit

The solution of keeping all the products separate and then having them assembled directly by you, at home, was adopted to preserve the quality and freshness of the main ingredients : filling the Sicilian cannoli only shortly before serving them on the table, in fact, is one of the fundamental secrets to enjoy a fresh and perfect dessert like just bought at the counter of a Sicilian pastry shop.

The crunchiness of the wafer and the creaminess of the filling are fundamental characteristics of Sicilian artisan cannoli : for this reason they must be filled at the last minute, otherwise the humidity of the ricotta would end up softening the wafer as well, damaging the yield of the final product.

Furthermore, thanks to the many feedbacks received , we have discovered that the activity of filling cannoli with cow's milk ricotta from the Iblei mountains and the following garnish has met with resounding success among our customers because, apparently, trying their hand at the composition of a cannolo ricotta siciliano in the company of friends and relatives around a laden table turned out to be a real experience of fun as well as authentic taste ... try it!

Preparing a Sicilian cannoli with the Bottega27 kit is easy:

  • Open the Cannoli Bottega27 box, gently arranging the pods on a shelf
  • Take the sac à poche with the Sicilian vaccine ricotta from the Iblei Mountains and, after having massaged it well , cut the end of the tip with a pair of scissors
  • Pour out some ricotta onto a plate (it may happen that the ricotta at the end is slightly more liquid than the rest of the sac à poche)
  • Fill the cannoli with undulating movements starting from the center to the ends of both sides
  • Garnish with Pistachio grains or with Modica Chocolate grains or with Sicilian Carrubato grains to your liking

Composing Sicilian ricotta cannoli is really very easy and fun and in a few minutes, without dirtying your kitchen, you will have a tray full of Sicilian cannoli with cow's milk ricotta from the Iblei mountains to serve to your guests as if they had just been bought in a artisan pastry shop of Modica , the most baroque town in Sicily!

Chefs, food lovers, food bloggers...

For those who love to try their hand at cooking (chefs, food lovers, food bloggers) we recommend transforming the Sicilian cannolo into a real irresistible foodporn by mixing the ricotta cream with Sicilian grains before filling the cannoli. The result of an expert gourmet pastry chef will be guaranteed!

We are sure that the connoisseurs of the real Sicilian cannolo will immediately recognize the high quality of this amazing dessert signed by Bottega27 and whoever tries it for the first time will be absolutely and irreparably conquered!

We have assembled the best for you, now it's up to you to buy online in our shop to enjoy real pleasure for your palates!


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