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Bottega 27 presents the Pistachio Spreadable Cream , a high quality Sicilian specialty, produced in Modica by Ciomod.

Pistachio spreadable cream is a delight spread on bread or rusks for breakfast or as a snack.

It is fantastic for filling and completing many desserts such as pancakes, crepes, sponge cake, panettone, croissants, colombe, cream puffs and shortcrust pastry biscuits.

Combined with other ingredients in variable quantities, it gives rise to creams and fillings with an inimitable taste, try it together with mascarpone, cream, ricotta and fiordilatte ice cream.

Its excellent taste can be enjoyed at room temperature, but it is also possible to use pistachio cream in the mixtures of baked goods to create biscuits and tarts.

An artisanal Pistachio Spreadable Cream

For you, Bottega 27 wants only the best, which is why we have chosen to offer the Ciomod spreadable pistachio cream online.

Located in the heart of Modica, this small company favors artisan productions of chocolate and other Sicilian specialties with the careful selection of high quality local ingredients.

Since 2003 Ciomod has dedicated itself to enhancing and promoting the typical ingredients of the area, starting from the selection of healthy and genuine products, to continue with simple manufacturing processes aimed at keeping the properties of the foods intact, far from the mechanisms and intensive processes of industrial production.

It is here that the pistachio spreadable cream with 59% Sicilian pistachio was born.

It all comes from pure toasted Sicilian pistachio paste, recognizable by the characteristic flavor between sweet and salty, in a balance that you will hardly find in other variants.

On the market you will find different varieties from Iran, the United States, Turkey and Greece. Here you will find only Sicilian pistachio, the best in the world because it is grown in the traditional way, with non-intensive methods, ripened in the sun at the right altitudes.

The pistachio, originally from the Middle East, arrives in Sicily during the trade exchanges of the Middle Ages to find, in a warm and sunny land, the land suitable for its cultivation.

Even today, the Sicilian pistachio is carefully cultivated to maintain its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

Source of energy, it is rich in proteins and lipids, at the same time it does not contain cholesterol. Pistachio is rich in mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and selenium. It also contains many vitamins including A-B1-B6-EK.

To keep these fantastic properties unaltered, it is necessary to follow artisanal and simple processes, including roasting which helps to give crunchiness and keep the pistachio tastier for longer without adding any type of preservative . Subsequently, the toasted pistachios are transformed into a pure paste with a processing at low temperatures so as not to compromise their quality.

If pistachio is a genuine and healthy food, unfortunately not all spreadable creams are, that's why at Bottega 27 we are proud to be able to offer you the pistachio spreadable cream produced by Ciomod. We really want you to taste a delicious and genuine cream that has nothing to do with industrial products.

A Pistachio Spreadable Cream with high quality ingredients

With 59% pure Sicilian pistachio paste, what else can be added to obtain a spreadable cream with excellent taste and texture? Only high quality ingredients that live up to the green gold.

What we offer you is a pistachio cream without preservatives, without colourings , gluten-free and lactose-free , a product of excellence, made with only 4 genuine ingredients . Quite different from other varieties on the market, most of which contain a maximum of 45% pistachio and compensate with other ingredients.

Pistachio is an oilseed that gives the cream its typical velvety consistency, but to obtain this effect, using less pistachio, many creams, including the premium ones, contain in addition olive oil, powdered milk, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats such as of sunflower seeds and cocoa butter, finally various emulsifiers including soy lecithin. This way you get the right consistency artificially and save costs.

Ciomod pistachio spreadable cream contains only 4 ingredients:

  • pure toasted Sicilian pistachio paste (59%)
  • raw cane sugar
  • Sicilian black bee honey , a Slow Food presidium
  • Trapani IGP fior di sale Slow Food Presidium

Simple, highly selected ingredients that enhance the qualities of the pistachio, do not add calories and do not "inflate" the product.

Our pistachio cream can also be safely consumed by gluten and lactose intolerant people.

The sweetness of the pistachio cream is entrusted to raw cane sugar and Sicilian black bee honey, a Slow Food presidium.

This type of honey boasts antioxidant properties up to ten times higher than other varieties and has antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

All thanks to the Sicilian black bee, small but strong and industrious, it has lived in Sicily for thousands of years and has survived adverse climatic changes, including glaciations. Endemic species of the island, it works patiently from the winter blooms and continues even when the temperatures get hot.

At risk of extinction in recent decades, the Sicilian black bee has finally obtained the right recognition and protection thanks to the breeders of the Slow Food presidium who have been able to recognize and promote the inimitable qualities of their honey.

There is still another ingredient missing, small but precious, to complete the Sicilian pistachio spreadable cream. The final touch is a pinch of Trapani PGI salt flower slow food presidium.

Sea water, sun and wind are the essential conditions for an excellent sea salt. Between Trapani, Paceco and Marsala, the Phoenicians created the first salt pans in history, an activity that still today gives a quality salt thanks to natural evaporation in the sun, without the need for other interventions.

Trapani salt contains more magnesium and potassium than other varieties of salt, on the contrary it contains much less sodium chloride.

Also in this case, the qualities are enhanced by traditional and artisanal processes, free of additives and treatments that could alter the original characteristics of the salt.

For this reason, Trapani salt has obtained the IGP mark from the European Community and is part of the Slow Food presidium.

With these 4 ingredients that are as simple as they are genuine and unmistakable, the Sicilian pistachio spreadable cream , produced by Ciomod, is ready to arrive on your tables.

In practical 90 gram glass jars, you will find a soft spreadable cream, oily at the right point, without added oil but only with natural pistachio oil, gluten-free and lactose-free, with an inimitable taste and a consistency that melts in the mouth. ready to be savored plain or added to a thousand preparations and recipes to enhance your delicious desserts.

The Sicilian pistachio spreadable cream is available in limited quantities, because it comes from a high quality artisan production, order yours now!

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