Ricetta del Gelato di Zabaione al Marsala e Cioccolato di Modica IGP | Bottega 27

Bottega 27 offers the recipe for Zabaglione ice cream in Marsala, in the Modican version by Antonio Adamo . One of the oldest and most traditional recipes of the Sicilian Gelateria .

Marsala zabaglione ice cream recipe, for 6 people

Preparation time: about 30 min


  • 200 g of cane sugar
  • 50 g of semi-aged Marsala
  • 250 g of fresh cream
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 400 g fresh milk
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 bar of Modica PGI chocolate


1. Heat the milk with the vanilla and the lemon and orange zest, but do not bring it to the boil. If possible, measure with the appropriate kitchen thermometer, 80 degrees as the optimal temperature.

2. In a bowl, combine egg yolks and brown sugar. After beating them with a whisk, add the mixture to the hot milk, but away from the heat. Continuing to work with the whisk, add Panna and Marsala in order.

3. Filter the mixture and put it in the containers for the ice cubes, place it in the freezer for at least 6/7 hours

4. Only after the mixture has solidified should the cubes be removed from the molds and placed in a food processor or blender.

5. Blend the mixture in order to incorporate air, using a spatula from time to time to obtain a soft and homogeneous mixture.

6. Break the Chocolate of Modica PGI inside the mixture, mix and variegate. Finally, arrange the ice cream in 6 bowls.

Mouth-watering good :)

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