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At Bottega 27 we love to carefully select the excellent food of the area and we are committed to a continuous search for quality products.

After a lot of work and thanks to the positive feedback you have shown us so far, we have decided to create the Bottega 27 brand lines, to offer the best of the much loved product categories: dried fruit and spices.

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The dried fruit of Bottega 27 , chosen among the excellences of Made in Italy , includes the best qualities present in the area. We only select naturally grown nuts according to high-level standards from producers who aim for excellence and the enhancement of local resources.

shelled almonds, selected by Bottega 27, exclusively Made in Italy of high quality

Natural Sicilian Almonds

The almonds grown in Sicily are among the best in the world for their organoleptic properties and unmistakable flavour.

Rich in Omega 3, Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron, they are an energetic and healthy fruit. A handful of almonds is an excellent snack suitable for children and adolescents, for sportsmen looking for an energy boost and for anyone who wants to keep fit.

For the sweet tooth, almonds are a fundamental ingredient of many traditional Italian sweets. With whole or ground almonds, in flakes, reduced to flour or almond paste, cakes, pastries and biscuits with an inimitable taste are made. Without forgetting savory recipes from all over the world, from Trapanese pesto to Chinese almond chicken.

shelled pistachio, selected by Bottega 27 from the best Sicilian producers

Pistachio from Bronte DOP 

At the foot of Etna, the town of Bronte gives its name to the most famous pistachio variety in the world. The Bronte Pistachio DOP identifies the product of such a peculiar and unrepeatable territory, fertile and luxuriant as the one at the foot of the volcano. The warm and dry climate, but with the ideal altitude, are the conditions that give rise to a superior quality pistachio.

Rich in fiber, potassium, phosphorus, Omega 6 and Omega 9, pistachios are high in protein and cholesterol-free. Thanks to the sweet-salty taste, they are very versatile in the kitchen and can be used successfully from appetizers to desserts.

In fact, pistachios are an excellent base for seasoning sauces , starting with pistachio pesto, up to various types of creams and pasta sauces . In grains, cream or flour they are used in desserts, from ice creams to cakes and biscuits .

Shelled Campania type A walnuts. Very high quality selected by Bottega 27.

Shelled walnuts type A 

Among the best-selling dried fruit in Italy we find walnuts and among the varieties grown in our country we have chosen type A shelled walnuts , a first choice product both for its quality and for its appearance. 

In fact, already shelled half walnut kernels are indispensable for creating recipes that are also beautiful to look at. Like you, we know how important the presentation of the dish is, in addition to creativity in the kitchen. This is why cakes and pastries, aperitifs and snacks require an extra touch, both in terms of taste and beauty. Walnuts, combined with sweet creams, cheeses or first courses , add crunchiness and flavor to every recipe.

 Like all varieties of dried fruit, walnuts are excellent to munch on even as a simple snack, to give us energy especially in the first part of the day. Walnuts bring magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, improve the immune system , are good for the skin and hair.

Italian soft dried chestnuts, selected by Bottega 27

Soft dried chestnuts 

If you go to any market or supermarket it will be very difficult to find dried chestnuts. Among the types of dried fruit they are perhaps the least widespread and in many areas of Italy they are almost unobtainable. Yet they were much loved by our grandparents and were used in many succulent recipes.

At Bottega 27 we believe that this goodness cannot be forgotten, which is why we have selected the best dried chestnuts , coming from Italian chestnut groves, dried with natural methods and ready to be consumed.

They are soft dried chestnuts , which do not need to be rehydrated. Excellent for soups and soups, or to garnish desserts, to be dipped in chocolate or to be savored plain.

Giffoni hazelnuts from Piedmont, selected among the best by Bottega 27

Giffoni IGP hazelnuts

The World Queen of Hazelnuts, this is how the Giffoni IGP hazelnut is called. Cultivated in 12 municipalities in the province of Salerno, with Protected Geographical Indication and characterized by small productions, the Giffoni hazelnut is one of the most valuable hazelnut varieties in the world . 

With a rounded shape, medium size and very easy to peel, the Giffoni PGI hazelnuts are fragrant and have a unique taste , ideal for enhancing sweet and savory recipes. Try them in nougat, crunchy, chocolate fudge and a thousand other homemade recipes . But you will discover that they are delicious to bite and to taste whole, without adding anything.

Rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, hazelnuts have a strong antioxidant power, offer energy and improve blood pressure.

sweet and savory toasted praline peanuts. Italian and selected by Bottega 27

Pralined and Roasted Peanuts

For those with a sweet tooth, we have selected the best Italian Praline Peanuts . A dessert as simple as it is delicious, natural and with very few ingredients. A dessert that we learn to love from an early age and that evokes Christmas markets, amusement parks and village festivals, to nibble on while walking or in front of the fireplace.

Still much loved today, praline peanuts have nothing to envy to industrial packaged snacks. Without additives and preservatives of any kind, they contain only first choice natural peanuts, water and sugar. Peanuts are rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium, they are a good source of protein and are energetic. At Bottega 27 we make sure to choose only those offered by the best Italian producers.

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