Le Migliori Colombe Artigianali, Pasqua 2021 | Bottega 27

At Bottega 27, Easter is prepared well in advance to select only the best of Italian products of excellence .

Our artisan doves , created by master pastry chefs, are available for pre-order to offer care and dedication to each product that will arrive on your table.

Excellent to be savored slice after slice, Easter doves are made with first choice ingredients and with long leavening , available in many different flavours.

Furthermore, carefully packaged in boxes that preserve their freshness and fragrance , they are beautiful to offer as a gift to friends and family.

Doves Olivieri 1882

The best artisan Colomba in Italy according to Gambero Rosso and Dissapore. For 140 years, the historic company has been offering traditional bakery products and today it finds in the young heir Nicola Olivieri an excellent chef who combines tradition and innovation.

Olivieri doves are made entirely by hand, from a base of live mother yeast , without flavourings, additives or preservatives. Thanks to the 48-hour double leavening , all the doves are highly digestible, even the most delicious and rich in ingredients!


Classic artisan dove

The traditional dove par excellence, with a soft and light texture. The basic dough contains flour, butter and eggs, chopped candied orange, Tahitian vanilla, acacia honey and cane sugar for a natural and light aroma.

The cover is a shower of sprinkles on a glaze composed of chopped almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts for a crunchy texture that melts in the mouth.


Artisan dove with three chocolates

Chocolate lovers won't be able to resist this exceptional dove. Three qualities of chocolate: white, milk and dark, are skilfully combined in a spectacular and perfectly balanced mix for a refined and decisive taste that enhances the basic structure.

The chocolate dove is soft and digestible, covered with icing, sprinkles and whole almonds.


Homemade dove with berries and white chocolate

An artisanal dove with an unusual and fascinating taste, with the slightly acidic tip of semi-candied berries and the sweetness of white chocolate that blend together to give rise to a divine dessert.

Dedicated to gourmands, it is a soft and light dove , with the classic covering of icing and sprinkles.


Artisan Colomba pear and chocolate

Pear and chocolate , a perfect combination for unforgettable desserts and cakes. We find it in this artisanal dove with candied pears and top quality dark chocolate chips.

Here too the contrast between the sweetness of the pear and the bitter touch of the chocolate are masterfully balanced without ever covering the refined taste of the base.


Artisan dove apple raisins and cinnamon

Apple, raisins and cinnamon, another highly successful mix that Olivieri enhances in this artisanal Easter colomba. The candied apple and raisins give a delicate sweetness that goes perfectly with the cane sugar and acacia honey in the base.

A pinch of cinnamon gives a natural and delicate aroma . Very soft and light, this artisanal dove is irresistible for those with a sweet tooth.


Sicilian Colomba with pistachio from Bronte Evergreen

In the selection of the best artisan doves, we are proud to present you the doves of the Sicilian tradition .

In particular, the pistachio dove combines the Italian Easter tradition with a typical product of our territory: the green pistachio of Bronte DOP .

The dove has a classic base made with sourdough and leavened for 48 hours, to which 15% Bronte DOP pistachio is added.

For the topping, a delicious pistachio glaze with chopped green Bronte pistachios for a crunchy finish. You will immediately appreciate the typical unsalted, slightly sweet taste that distinguishes it from other types of pistachio.

To complete this delight, a jar of Bronte DOP Evergreen pistachio cream . This choice is perfect for keeping the Colomba fragrant for longer and preserving the taste of the pistachio cream.

When it's time to serve, you can stuff the whole dove yourself to offer to your guests, or even better, you can serve the pistachio cream separately, letting everyone spread only the desired amount on each slice.

Colomba Artisan from Modica, with Chocolate and Classic

Directly from Modica , the Baroque city of Chocolate , a UNESCO heritage site, one of the best artisanal doves with long leavening and ingredients of the highest quality is born.
From Antonio Adamo , master pastry chef renowned by Gambero Rosso, we have selected two Colombe: With chocolate, with covering icing and inside of delicious crunchy and sugary pralines and the Classica without raisins but with candied oranges from Sicily and with an inimitable scent.

Have you chosen your favorite dove? You can order it on this page .

Do you know that it takes 4 days to prepare an Easter dove from sourdough, with selected ingredients, from dough to leavening?

The artisanal doves are handmade, they do not contain preservatives, which is why production is limited to the current season.

The pre-order is necessary to prepare the doves in the right number to fulfill the orders and deliver a fresh and carefully prepared Easter cake to your home.

Choose your artisan Colomba now from the many flavors available and it will be sent directly to your home from 10 March 2021.

In the meantime, some advice from the master pastry chefs.

How is the artisanal dove preserved?

The artisanal doves are without preservatives, keep them in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

The temperature should be constant because excessive changes can ruin the glaze and other ingredients inside.

How to serve the artisan dove?

If you think that these fantastic doves are already perfect and delicious to bite into as soon as you open the package, we can't blame you.. but if you have a few minutes of patience try this way...

Preheat the oven to 140-150°, when it's hot, remove the dove from the package and put it in the oven for about 2 minutes.

The ingredients come back to life, with the base becoming even softer and lighter, the chocolate and candied fruit fillings soften and the aromas spread delicately.

At this point you can cut and serve, to savor a fragrant, soft and fragrant Colomba, as if it were freshly baked.

For other Sicilian sweets and delicacies, you can read the article on the typical sweets of Modica

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