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The best Sicilian pastry has arrived at Bottega 27! Cannoli and Cassata Siciliani are two typical desserts of our land, famous all over the world, imitated and prepared in a thousand variations.

We want to bring you only the freshest pastry products prepared with high quality local ingredients: simply inimitable. Where to find them? At Caffè Adamo , historic pastry shop in Modica, city of chocolate and Baroque architecture.

In the Caffè Adamo laboratory croissants, cannoli, cassata, mousse, ice cream are produced, and only local products are used, possibly organic and zero kilometer such as ricotta, fresh fruit, pistachio from Bronte DOP and chocolate produced in Modica , but there is no shortage of excellence from other Italian regions such as the IGP hazelnut from Piedmont.

All pastry and ice cream products are made using artisanal methods, which is why Caffè Adamo is aimed at a few products at a time, to which attention and care should be devoted.

If you can't sit at one of its tables, you can enjoy its incredible products at the table of your home. This is why at Bottega27 we have decided to send the Sicilian Cassata and Cannoli from Caffè Adamo all over Italy, prepared with the freshest ingredients. How do we do it?

Special Shipping

Before anything we want to explain how preparation and shipping work. When it comes to pastry, we have an iron rule: there are no pre-packaged products.

In fact, the products are prepared only after your order , close to the shipment which will be carried out exclusively on Monday or Tuesday , to prevent the packages from being blocked during the weekend. If there are public holidays during the week, we ship the following Monday, resulting in the preparation of the products on the same day.

The Cannoli and Cassata, prepared by Caffè Adamo are sent in an isothermal polystyrene box , with dry ice suitable for shipping to keep the cold chain unaltered for up to 72 hours. But our goal is to carry out the express shipment in approximately 48 hours . In this way you will have the desserts at home within 2-3 days of their preparation.

Being fresh products, they are consumed within 2 or 3 days of receiving the package, always keeping them in the refrigerator and bringing them to room temperature half an hour before serving.

Sicilian Cannoli kit with cow's milk ricotta

The origin of cannoli is so ancient that it has become legendary. Some date it back to the 1st century BC, others to the Arab era, still others to the cloistered convents of Caltanissetta. It is probable that many of these elements have merged over time to lead to the cannoli recipe as we know it today. What is certain is that the Sicilian cannolo is a carnival dessert , now prepared and enjoyed with pleasure, every day of the year.

The use of cow's or sheep's milk ricotta is differentiated according to the area.

In Modica and, in general in the Ragusa area, cow's milk ricotta is well known.

To further ensure freshness, we have created the cannoli kit , with the wafer, cow's milk ricotta and other separate ingredients, to be composed on the spot. In this way the ricotta stays fresh longer and the wafer stays crunchy without softening . You can also prepare cannoli with ricotta only, or with pistachio or Modica chocolate , or mix both!

The Sicilian cannoli kit by Bottega 27 includes:

  • Crunchy and flaky waffles, made and fried to order
  • Artisan cow's milk ricotta in a finely crafted sac à poche
  • Chopped Pistachio from Bronte DOP
  • Flakes of Chocolate from Modica

NB The ricotta is blast chilled before departure in order to guarantee the integrity and freshness of the product.

The cannoli wafer is prepared and fried only after your order , it contains 00 soft wheat flour and manitoba flour, sunflower oil, lard, cocoa powder , egg white, cinnamon and vanillin. All worked manually as tradition dictates.

Sicilian Cassata, with cow's milk ricotta

Although it is widespread in many regions of Italy and can be enjoyed all year round, not everyone knows that cassata is a typical Easter dessert in Sicily. Of ancient Arab origin, with various versions modified over the centuries, it arrived in the kitchens of the Palermitan nuns who prepared it to celebrate Easter . The cassata thus became one of the sweet symbols of the island. In fact, it includes the fundamental ingredients that we find in various preparations such as ricotta, chocolate and almonds. 

You will receive the Sicilian cassata of Caffè Adamo ready, but prepared only after your order. It consists of a very soft sponge cake made only of eggs, sugar, flour and butter. The filling is composed of fresh and creamy ricotta, sugar and chocolate drops. To finish with a delicious glaze covering with marzipan made from almond flour and sugar.

Fresh local and Km0 ingredients

For both cannoli and cassata, tradition calls for very fresh sheep ricotta to be drained, worked with the sugar and sifted carefully to obtain a soft but stable ricotta cream, to be distributed with a pastry bag. A delight that melts in your mouth! 

Another ingredient that cannot be missing is the chocolate produced in Modica, with its characteristic grainy and crumbly consistency due to low-temperature processing which prevents the sugar crystals from completely melting.

Only available until May, then after the summer

At Bottega27 we select only high quality products for you to enjoy the best of Sicilian and Italian cuisine . Like many other products in our showcase, cannoli and cassata can only be ordered for a limited period.

In fact they are only available until May , then they will no longer be sent to prevent the high summer temperatures from ruining the ingredients.

Don't miss these delights of Sicilian pastry, order your Sicilian cannoli kit and cassata now!

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