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Torta Savoia , a typical Sicilian dessert

Also known by the name of torta Sabauda or dolce savoia , the Italian sacher torte (some pastry chefs define it) is a dessert that represents an important piece of history for Sicilians.

In fact, this surprising Sicilian dessert was made more than 150 years ago , on the occasion of the annexation of Sicily to the Kingdom of Italy, to honor and celebrate the royal family of the House of Savoy.

A bit of Sicilian history: the presumed origins of the Sicilian Savoy cake

We are in the Kingdom of Italy, in 1860, when Sicily was annexed to the rest of the peninsula: to celebrate this great event, which aroused many disputes within the Sicilian island, the Benedictine nuns of Catania decided to cook to celebrate the big event.

Eggs, sugar, salt, flour and cornstarch in the oven and then left to rest for a while; dark chocolate and hazelnuts to create a delicious cream; biscuits to be filled and glazed, layer after layer, with delicious dark chocolate; a thick, soft and delicious opaque chocolate icing: here is the recipe for the Torta Savoia di Sicilia , a layered cake equal to a real work of art, a unique and delicious dessert steeped in history and tradition.

And the hazelnuts?

Why put Piedmontese hazelnuts in a Sicilian dessert ?

Once upon a time it was exclusively Piedmontese hazelnuts, being the most famous and valuable in Italy, that were chosen for the preparation of this typical Italian dessert. They gave this cake extreme importance by recalling the dedication to the equally important royals of Savoy: a true Sicilian confectionary excellence, however, suitable only for the wealthy. Over time, since Sicily too was and is a great producer of this fantastic fruit, the "modern" Savoy cake was produced using island hazelnuts (the variety coming from the Nebrodi, from Polizzi, etc. ...).

The Savoy Cake by Bottega27

We at Bottega27 are extremely proud to distribute Caffè Adamo's Torta Savoia in Italy and Europe .

The trusted master pastry chef, Antonio Adamo, as well as owner of the cafeteria, participated and won second place in the Cake Star challenge broadcast on RealTime in 2022: his chocolate Savoy cake is one of the best in the province.

Prepared only according to the traditional Sicilian recipe in a 100% artisanal way, with soft sponge cake and delicious hazelnut cream, the Savoia di Sicilia cake signed by Caffè Adamo is characterized by a delicious thick chocolate glaze that envelops the palate of adults and children greedy for Sicilian delicacies in a tender embrace of taste and tradition, as well as extreme and inimitable goodness!

For a refined end of meal in combination with artisan liqueurs from Sicily , bitters or distillates ; for a delicious snack paired with Modica IGP chocolate in a cup or artisanal almond milk ; to celebrate an anniversary such as a birthday, a family Christmas or any important convivial moment in combination with a Sicilian Passito or a 100% organic Sicilian Fravolato ... the Sicilian Savoy Cake from the artisan pastry shop Caffè Adamo is a real triumph of flavor , ideal for lovers of typical desserts, and chocolate lovers, our dear chocolate lovers!

Artisanal Sicilian Savoy cake as freshly baked

Bottega27's Savoia di Sicilia cake , a cake made up of a series of thin layers of sponge cake alternated with Modica chocolate cream and Sicilian hazelnuts is commissioned to our trusted pastry chef only and exclusively when we receive your orders : you order, we commission, our pastry chef starts immediately at work.

The result?

In 24/72h your Sicilian Artisan Savoy Cake will be handcrafted and shipped safely inside a freshness-saving container carefully placed inside an isothermal box with ice to preserve 100% the integrity of the artisan product during the transport in Italy and Europe .

The express shipping service in Italy varies from 2 to 3 working days and has really convenient rates: shipping times in Europe and Switzerland vary from 3 to 5 working days. In all cases, we at Bottega27 have studied ad hoc packaging to ensure maximum product integrity during transport.

What lies behind the preparation of this delicious Sicilian artisan foodporn with chocolate are extreme effort but above all meticulous craftsmanship but the result repays all the efforts: let yourself be overwhelmed by this delicious experience of an authentic Sicilian taste.

Choose the best, choose our Bottega27 online shop, choose an e-shop that contains 100% Sicilianity !

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