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The Sicilian cannolo is one of the most popular Sicilian desserts in the world. It represents a symbol, a tradition: the cannolo is the emblem of Sicilian authenticity .

The ricotta in the cannoli ? Ours is Ragusan vaccine

The filling of the Sicilian cannoli varies according to the area of ​​Sicily: in Palermo the ricotta is strictly sheep's milk while in eastern Sicily, in the Ragusa area, only the lighter, more delicate and digestible cow's milk is used (discover the why here).

The Ragusa area is famous for its cows which find their home in the meadows of the Ibleo plateau, between Modica and Ragusa: this type of breeding guarantees the production of cow's milk with an unmistakable, light, tasty and highly digestible flavour . The wild state that is guaranteed to the Modica breed bred here ensures extremely high quality and wholesomeness of the products obtained: the milk produced by the Modica breed is DOP certified ; it is precisely from it that the Iblea ricotta is obtained, which is included in the list of traditional agri-food products.


Sicilian cannoli with an extra gear: Modica PGI Chocolate

And it is precisely the use of local raw materials that makes the Sicilian cannolo an exceptional product: the chopped Modica PGI chocolate is a territorial excellence obtained from the cold processing of the bitter mass of cocoa with sugar, an ancient recipe that today it makes real chocolate from Modica chocolate . The restricted production area of ​​this chocolate, limited to Modica, means that the raw materials used to make the Sicilian cannoli can count on 0 km products of the highest quality .

The evolution of the cannoli has come up to today where in Palermo there are razor clams, smaller than the classics. In Trapani it was preferred to propose a version that uses a coarser ricotta with less sugar. Another choice that varies from province to province is that which concerns the garnish with chocolate or pistachio. Everything varies, but what remains is the quality of local raw materials that make Sicilian cannoli with ricotta a product of pride all over the world.


How do you eat Sicilian Cannolo?

Beyond the preparation techniques, what changes is also the presentation of the dish. We tend to think of the Sicilian cannolo as a street food product: comfortable, practical and cheap, perfect to be consumed while walking through the streets of the city. However, something is changing and it is no longer so unusual to see it on the menus of starred restaurants, even gourmet ones. A conquest that all of us Sicilians like and that serves to make a regional excellence known to the whole world. You too can eat our cow ricotta cannoli by purchasing our Sicilian cannoli kit on our online shop

How can you make a Sicilian cannolo unique?

First of all by looking for the best raw materials of the highest quality and at km 0 , then, presenting it in a fanciful and perhaps gourmet way. The fashion of the moment sees decomposed cannoli as protagonists, but many others can be developed from this idea. Making a decomposed cannoli eliminates the anxiety of being able to break the crumbly wafer. This way you have a spoon dessert that is easier to taste and also more elegant, avoiding the risk of it being shattered. A procedure that gives the green light to everyone's artistic vein, a way to create your own personalized tradition. With our Sicilian cannoli kit at home or with our ricotta vaccine sac à poche , it will be possible to recreate starred dishes at home.

Having our DIY Cannoli Kit available, it will be possible to give vent to your imagination: crunchy and crumbly wafers with a cream of cow's milk ricotta ready in a sac à poche and Sicilian grains to garnish everything. Why not accompany it all with Sicilian bitters or artisan liqueurs ?

Some very cool ideas

Taking a low, wide glass, proceed by alternating layers of broken wafer with layers of cow's milk ricotta. Finishing everything with chopped pistachios and PGI Modica chocolate , you will have a different dessert with an inimitable taste. Leaving room for the imagination, what can come out of the cannoli kit is an elegant mouth-watering finger food .


(photo by Taya Gorelli )

By serving the ricotta cream on a single-serving spoon, it will be easy to taste the cannoli covered with grains and chocolate. The wafer present in the cannoli kit can also be used as a base for a millefeuille, by assembling the various products of the cannoli preparation kit until obtaining a dessert that develops in height.

The ideas are endless and success is assured, especially when it comes to Sicilian cannoli and excellent raw materials of extraordinary quality.

It doesn't take much to reinvent a traditional dish, without distorting the primary ingredients, but making the presentation personal. Doing it with the Bottega27 Sicilian cannoli kit will be easier than expected having everything at hand and ready to use.

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  • Isothermal polystyrene box with dry ice to maintain product integrity
  • Double corrugated cardboard box, to contain any shocks during travel.

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