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To the tourist, the visitor, the flâneur...

... that crosses Sicily to discover traditional flavours, the difference between the cannolo with sheep's milk ricotta and the cannolo with cow's milk ricotta will not have escaped notice : one served in pastry shops and cafes throughout the island, the other alone and exclusively in the Ibleo territory .

The sale of the first type is much more widespread, the sale of the second is less frequent, much more difficult to find online.

Until now!

From today, Bottega27 has taken care of making it possible, our Modica e-commerce of typical Iblean confectionary and pastry products with its spearhead: DIY Kit Cannoli di Ricotta Vaccina dei Monti Iblei that you can receive comfortably at home with shipping express in 24/72h , therefore super fast!

A bit of history...

At the basis of the Hyblean vaccine variant there is a mix of historical, economic and environmental factors with centuries-old roots.

The Hyblaean agricultural landscape, atypical compared to the large estates that once characterized Sicily, still bears the signs of the inheritance of the County of Modica . Here the early division of large estates (16th century) and individual enterprise led to the development of small and medium-sized farming properties, supplemented by quality animal husbandry. The presence of an autochthonous bovine breed , the Modicana, and the availability of pastures on the Ibleo plateau have made this area one of the most renowned for dairy production.

The abundance of the raw material forced the use of cow's milk ricotta also in confectionery, at a time when food localism bound each population to the consumption of local products. Today , Hyblean ricotta is recognized as a traditional Italian agri-food product . It has a more delicate taste than sheep's milk and provides a lower fat intake, but has a higher protein value (therefore it gives more energy for the same weight).

The challenge of a 100% safe shipment

Keeping the quality and freshness of a cannoli intact as if it were served at the tables of a café or at the counter of a Sicilian pastry shop is a real challenge for us at Bottega27 !

The safety and preservation of the product first of all! We therefore decided to invest in quality and safe packaging:

  • a freshness-saving box to contain the cannoli wafers which remain deliciously crunchy and crumbly inside;
  • an isothermal box to contain the sac à poche of pasteurized Hyblean cow's milk ricotta while maintaining the perfect fresh temperature;
  • synthetic ice to keep the inside of the isothermal box perfectly refrigerated, thus preserving the Hyblean cow's milk ricotta.
  • double corrugated cardboard box to protect the cannoli kit from possible knocks or damage.

How did we decide to compose our Sicilian Cannoli Kit?

For the composition of our Sicilian cannoli kit with Hyblaean vaccine ricotta, present on our homepage under the heading craft kits , we have chosen a fundamental ingredient: quality !

Our wafer is produced by an artisan cannoli factory, the Micieli laboratory located in Rosolini (Syracuse): “00” flour and manitoba, flavored with cinnamon and vanillin, slightly colored with cocoa powder, handmade and fried in sunflower oil, always filtered and clean. The result is a light and crunchy pastry shell, with a golden color and bubbles on the surface. The pods are prepared to order and packaged while still fragrant, without additives or preservatives.

The filling of our Sicilian cannoli is fresh cow's milk ricotta produced by an Ibleo dairy that processes it with sugar to obtain a delicious velvety, soft and delicate cream. The cottage cheese pasteurized, in a comfortable and practical sac à poche, it has a shelf life of about 60 days from production if kept closed in the fridge at a temperature between 0° and 4th; once opened and used, the remaining ricotta can be kept in the fridge at a temperature between 0° and  for a maximum of 4/5 days.

Our amazing artisan kit of Sicilian cannoli with Hyblean cow ricotta is completed by the garnish with Sicilian grains: Sicilian pistachio or Modica PGI chocolate or Sicilian carob (a perfect substitute for chocolate).

Our kit has all the credentials to amaze all of you, now it's up to you to buy it on our online shop and receive it at your home in 24/72h with secure express shipping.

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