For this Christmas, we at Bottega 27 will make a small contribution to sweeten your holidays.

Artisan Panettone, which ones are available in B27?

Artisan Panettone Olivieri 1882 - Via Alberti, 13 - Arzignano

Processing of 4 days of which 48 hours dedicated to the natural maturation of the product. Each panettone is worked individually by hand, from the refreshment of the sourdough to the pirlatura and scarpatura, to guarantee the highest quality of each product. The result will be a Panettone with an extremely soft and digestible structure, due to the use and processing of mother yeast by master pastry chefs.

Raw material

5 Crown Australian Sultana Raisins, handcrafted candied oranges that are finely chopped by hand even inside the dough to give it a unique and naturally citrus scent, fine Tahiti Bourbon vanilla pods, the flours are all Italian grains, the sugar is raw cane, Belgian butter obtained by centrifuging and Italian acacia honey.

Awards for Gambero Rosso and Dissapore

Olivieri's Panettone, chosen by Bottega27 , was recognized by Gambero Rosso and Dissapore as one of the best Artisanal Panettone in Italy. Second classified at the Panettone, among the best Panettone in the Veneto region.

Tastes and availability

To maintain the freshness and fragrance of the product, all Panettoni are produced in the period from mid-November to early December. The flavors we have chosen this year for Bottega27 will be different, including the Classic, with Three Chocolates, White Chocolate with Berries, Peach and Amaretto.

In the section dedicated to the CHRISTMAS2020 website , some of the products could be in PRE-ORDER , which means that they are in production and it will be possible to order them and receive them within a few days at home.

These are not highly commercial products, but handcrafted products, therefore the quantity will also always be limited.

Panettone Diletta Sicily - Artisan Workshop

Another batch, another Artisan Panettone, signed by Diletta Sicilia. A riot of tastes with carefully selected quality raw materials. It is absolutely not a second choice, but rather offering the customer the variants of the North and South Panettone, with aromas and flavors that, although different, combine in a unique delicacy.

  • Classic taste
  • Figs and Chocolate
  • Bronte pistachio


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