“… of unrivaled flavour, so that whoever tastes it seems to have arrived at the archetype, the absolute, and that the chocolate produced elsewhere – albeit the most celebrated – is its adulteration, corruption…”

Leonard Sciascia

Modica chocolate has inspired writers and poets for centuries and still today, with its simplicity, it manages to combine tradition and innovation in infinite variations, processes and combinations.

We at Bottega27 have gathered some of the best artisan chocolatiers on our online shop to give all of you, whether you are in Italy or abroad, the opportunity to taste these Sicilian gastronomic excellences.


Modica Chocolate owes its granular consistency to the traditional processing at low temperatures (45-50 degrees), which custom comes from an ancient Aztec recipe which, faithful to this type of processing, avoids the complete dissolution of the sugar grains.

Thanks to this particular process, while tasting the best dark chocolate in the world, one perceives the almost clear distinction between the sweetness of the sugar crystals and the bitterness of the cocoa mass.

The mixture, deriving from highly prized cocoa beans, is then worked with the addition of natural aromas and local spices to create chocolate bars with extraordinary flavours, among which stand out: chocolate with chilli pepper, chocolate with Trapani, thyme chocolate, bee honey chocolate, ginger chocolate, Sicilian pistachio chocolate, cinnamon chocolate, vanilla chocolate, lemon chocolate, Sicilian orange chocolate, rum chocolate, extra virgin olive oil chocolate... and many other curious and super delicious flavours.


In Bottega 27 , we have selected quality artisan products especially for you and our selection will gradually expand as there are always new and incredible culinary combinations.

Some of our selections related to the "chocolate" world?

Discover our PGI Modica Chocolate (vegan, gluten free, lactose and milk free) : tastes considered "classic" with natural flavors and precious spices and grains of Sicily.

Discover our BIO Modica Chocolate (organic. vegan, gluten free, lactose and milk free) : Modica Chocolate worked according to tradition with high quality organic raw materials. Also present in the category are Modica Vegan, Gluten Free and Lactose Free Chocolate bars.

Discover our Grezzopuro, an organic PGI Modica chocolate : a unique chocolate, a product straight from the cocoa beans Caquetà, a territory that is being reborn thanks to an ethical and supportive project in which an important Modica company has decided to invest, selecting these cocoa beans for direct and exclusive importation: once imported, the cocoa beans are roasted and processed handcrafted giving that authentic and distinctive taste which enhances the properties and aromatic hints inherent in the cocoa beans themselves.

What about our Chocolate Liquors ? Among the many combinations, even the characteristic artisan liqueurs based on chocolate to be enjoyed chilled after an excellent dinner on a cold winter evening.

Get to know ours  'Mpanatigghie ? A typical dessert of Modica, a singular and very special travel dessert, as it is filled with Chocolate and Meat: a delicacy to be enjoyed at any time of the day, at breakfast with a nice glass of almond milk , as a snack, or as a dessert at the end meal.

Modica PGI chocolate in a cup : A selection of handcrafted preparations for hot chocolate drinks. Classic flavours, orange and cinnamon, pistachio. Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free (available only in winter).

Discover our Grappa al Cacao , a pure distillate from Etna grapes that meets cocoa beans: a unique and all-Sicilian taste experience.


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Salve a tutti, l’ordine è arrivato e tutto si è presentato conforme come da descrizione. La mia scelta sui prodotti si è basata sugli ingredienti, che sono scelti e genuini si nota subito la qualità, anche attraverso il gusto. Seguiranno sicuramente altri ordini, vi auguro di proseguire al meglio nel vostro lavoro e poter valorizzare i prodotti del nostro sud, pieno di storia e tradizione.
Cordiali saluti

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