Novità! Creme Spalmabili Tipica Dolceria Siciliana

Spreadable creams Typical Sicilian Dolceria

Delicious spreadable creams with almonds, Sicilian pistachios and gianduia with Nebrodi hazelnuts. These are the new artisanal creams from Bottega27's Typical Sicilian Dolceria .

We have created for you three sweet spreadable creams to be enjoyed on toasted bread, on rusks, inside Sicilian tartlets before filling them with the Modican vaccine ricotta cream, with the Christmas panettone or the Easter dove .

If you prefer, you can use our sweet vegan spreads in your sweet recipes like a starred chef to create delicious fillings for cannoli , cakes , croissants and tarts.

Made with artisanal methods and with excellent quality raw materials, Bottega27 's spreadable creams are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan; they are therefore also perfect for those who are intolerant to milk or gluten or for those who follow a diet free from products of animal origin.

Thanks to the very few ingredients and the absence of preservatives or additives, they are healthy and light to digest, with a natural and full-bodied taste.

What else? They are very good! Try them all... Buy them on our online shop using our express shipping service in Italy and Europe at really affordable rates!

Artisan Spreadable Cream with Sicilian Almonds

Produced in Modica, choosing only the highest quality raw materials and a completely artisanal process, the Sicilian almond spreadable cream contains only three ingredients:

  • Sicilian almonds 66%
  • Brown sugar
  • extra virgin olive oil

Sicilian sweet almonds are prized and renowned all over the world. They are the basis of Sicilian pastry , but are also present in many savory recipes. With a crunchy consistency, once processed they are naturally oily and are suitable for the production of almond paste and creams.

In our handmade almond spreadable cream, the percentage of Sicilian almonds is 66%. To make the spreadable cream softer without the use of additives and animal fats, we only use Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, while to add a touch of sweetness only cane sugar.

Almonds are naturally rich in Omega 3, vegetable fibers and vitamins E and B2 and offer a boost of healthy energy for young and old: a delicious break for everyone!

Gianduia Artisanal Spreadable Cream

Made in an artisan laboratory located in Modica, with high quality raw materials and a totally artisanal manufacturing process, the Gianduia spreadable cream contains only three ingredients:

  • Nebrodi hazelnuts 53%
  • Brown sugar
  • cocoa powder

Gianduia is a particular chocolate of Piedmontese origin made from the meeting of hazelnuts and cocoa. Unlike the original gianduia recipe, our spreadable cream does not contain traces of milk, therefore it is lactose-free and vegan.

The main ingredient of the gianduia spreadable cream are the Nebrodi hazelnuts, a variety very renowned for its intense aroma. Rich in Vitamin E and mineral salts, very energetic, the Nebrodi hazelnuts have a natural oiliness that does not require other ingredients to transform into a thick and delicious cream, with the sole addition of cane sugar and bitter cocoa.

Handcrafted Spreadable Cream with Sicilian Pistachio

The Sicilian Pistachio spreadable cream, handcrafted in Modica with the highest quality raw materials, contains only four ingredients:

  • Sicilian pistachio 45%
  • Brown sugar
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Trapani fleur de sel

The pistachio is another of the Sicilian agricultural excellences and stands out from the other varieties grown in the rest of the world for a very balanced sweet-salty taste that enhances every dish . Sicilian pistachio is the main ingredient of this spreadable cream with a percentage of 45%, made even more creamy by the extra virgin olive oil. Cane sugar and Trapani fleur de sel delicately rebalance the taste.

The almond, pistachio and gianduia spreadable creams of Tipica Dolceria Siciliana by Bottega27 are fine products of the highest quality and available on our online shop which guarantees express shipping in Italy and Europe at really affordable prices.

Don't miss out on your favorite flavour, order your spreadable cream now to be sure to enjoy it for the autumn and Christmas holidays!

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