Tutte le novità di Bottega27: dall'autunno al Natale

Summer is ending and at Bottega27 we are working to prepare all the sweetest news that will keep you company in the coming months in anticipation of important events such as Christmas, Easter, etc!

But first we remind you that the summer panettone is still available for a little while and it will be possible to order it only for the month of September!
If you haven't tasted this delicacy yet, or if you already can't do without its unmistakable taste, don't miss it and order the Sicilian Summer Panettone with Modica PGI Chocolate and Apricot now, available for a few more weeks .
Light and fragrant, with long leavening, the summer panettone is soft, delicate and simply delicious!

The return of the top products of excellence

With the beginning of September we will have the great return of the Sicilian cannoli kit , the only one available online with cow's milk ricotta instead of sheep's. To preserve the delicacy and genuineness of the ricotta and the other ingredients, we wanted to avoid the sale of the Sicilian cannoli kit even in the height of summer, but we know how much you missed our cannoli, which is why, by popular demand, you will find the Sicilian cannoli with cow's milk ricotta starting from September!

Another long-awaited big comeback is the artisan Sicilian cassata , with its fluffy sponge cake and fresh Modica ricotta, chocolate chips and a delicious layer of marzipan. From September you will be able to taste it, together with our amazing homemade Savoia cake, again in all its freshness and goodness by ordering it online at Bottega27.com !

The cannoli kit, cassata and Savoia cake were a great success, which is why we can't wait to start shipping them all over Italy and Europe again with express shipping and at really affordable rates!

As always, they are shipped within 72 hours of the order in isothermal boxes to preserve 100% taste and integrity!

But at Bottega27 we are planning many other novelties: fresh pastries and dry pastries will be enriched withbutter biscuits, honey biscuits , Modica chocolate babà and many other traditional Modica desserts.

Brioche with tuppo, almond milk, organic and vegan spreadable creams with Sicilian pistachio, carob & hazelnut, Gianduia and Sicilian carob are always available, bars of the best Modica PGI chocolate in many variations of taste and also in the organic version , l e mpanatigghie , the artisanal organic pasta , the oil , the artisanal drinks of the Sicilian tradition also in theorganic version , the legumes of Modica and the pestos, preserves and Sicilian pates.

This year, however, our selection will be more specific and territorial!

Only typical Sicilian products

In recent months we have worked hard to bring only the best of typical Sicilian and Italian products to your table, but Bottega27 is located in Modica and this year we have decided to specialize exclusively in traditional Sicilian products.
We love products from all over Italy, but we think there is still so much to discover and rediscover locally, and our continuous research in the area and collaboration with the best pastry chefs, chocolatiers and pasta makers has led us to this decision.
In fact we want to offer you what we know best and that we can personally verify from the choice of ingredients, to production, packaging and shipping.

Therefore the typical Sicilian products that you will find at Bottega27 will always be made with first choice ingredients and processed with 100% artisanal and traditional methods!

Another reason is that there are many Sicilian specialties, such as cannoli , cassata , Modica chocolate and brioche with tuppo , famous all over the world, while many others are almost unknown; we would like to introduce them to you, taste them, and if possible encourage their diffusion, always in compliance with a high quality artisan production that does not distort the authenticity of the product.

Christmas is upon us!

All the novelties for autumn lead us straight to Christmas , the most beautiful and busiest time of the year. We at Bottega27 love to get ready in time and, in fact, from the first days of October you will find Christmas panettone available with the classic chocolate flavors of Modica and pistachio cream , and traditional alongside many new surprise flavors!

As always, the artisanal panettones have a limited production therefore we strongly advise you to place your pre-orders as early as October so as not to miss the opportunity to taste or give away your favorite panettone!

Furthermore, for Christmas 2021 we have chosen to renew the packaging to offer you the best gift boxes that we hope you will appreciate.

In addition, together with the panettone there will be Christmas boxes full of sweet and savory products, and many other typical products. Alongside these, we are preparing a careful selection of innovative and unobtainable products that only Bottega27 can offer you!

Also this Christmas, in addition to desserts, you will have a wide choice of food and wine boxes with pestos, pates, jams, organic wines , olive oil, sauces , typical pasta and many other 100% Sicilian delicacies. These too can be enjoyed with the family or as a gift for Christmas dinners with friends.

Don't miss the news!

There are so many novelties for Bottega27 's autumn-winter, but we can't reveal them until they're perfectly defined and we certainly don't want to spoil the surprises!

If you love high quality food and the excellence of the Sicilian territory , don't miss our selection of typical Sicilian products, many of which must be pre-ordered to allow pastry chefs and artisans to prepare their products with the skill that distinguishes them.

In order not to miss the best Sicilian specialties online, visit our website often, or even better, subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here!

We look forward to seeing you for a wonderful year together!

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