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Emblem of Italian eating well, in Sicily pasta is an expression of golden fields, of industrious hands that forge it, of tradition and innovation that meet. It binds to memories of laughter in the family, of laundry hanging in the sun, of children playing in the street and bells ringing to celebrate.

We at Bottega27 want to bring all the poetry of these moments to your table, offering high quality products that are faithful to the excellence of Sicilian craftsmanship .


The grain

With a long agricultural past behind it, Sicily was defined by Cato, in the early Roman imperial age, as the granary of the Republic . Following the ears it is in fact possible to travel through the most prosperous territories of the island, descending the hills towards the plains, beating the roads from the hinterland towards the coast.

Wheat also preserves a history of knowledge, care and resilience: Sicilian grains are ancient grains that have known the breezes of time. Autochthonous of the island, they come entirely from the territory, which they have always inhabited. They produce small quantities, integrating perfectly with the climate: for this reason they do not need chemicals and are able to restore the authentic flavors of the earth.

Artisan pasta Pastara - Mill Primula Scollo

To let you taste a pasta that bears witness to the cultural heritage of our region, the shop has chosen the Modica Minardo pasta factory which cultivates and processes only organic raw materials .

The Modica company works with passion and pride the yellow gold of the fields of our Mediterranean island, producing a Sicilian artisan pasta at Km 0, excellent for traditional and gourmet recipes.

Types of pasta made with ancient grains: shapes and combinations, sauces and condiments

A valuable product is also revealed through its shapes: once twisted and stretched out by gnarled fingers, now produced with modern tools, the various pasta shapes still retain all the taste of homemade pasta. The vast selection of artisanal pasta made from ancient grains available on Bottega27 in the "Sicilian salads" section, combined with the sauces and condiments or legumes of Modica available, will give you an idea of ​​the many dishes that you can bring to your tables throughout Italy and in Europe.

In fact, the combinations between formats and sauces are endless, leaving room for everyone's tastes and creativity, all to be experimented while having fun.

We at Bottega27 have chosen and offer you some shapes of artisan pasta accompanied by our sauces and sauces.

From the heart of our land and from the values ​​of local producers, mouthfuls of taste that tell both the palates of connoisseurs and those of those who are curious and begin to approach regional specialties.

Unleash your imagination with our 100% Sicilian handcrafted products that you can find on our extraordinary online shop

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