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Here you are catapulted to Modica , our city, in the heart of the Sicilian Baroque . We at Bottega 27 always offer high quality handcrafted products, with particular attention to local Sicilian products. Our fidelity to tradition and excellence comes precisely from our cultural heritage, which is why we cannot fail to dedicate a special space to Modica in our shop. 

With the Igp Modica chocolate , organic Modica chocolate , Sicilian chocolate , the biscuits and typical Sicilian sweets that we offer, we ideally catapult you through the streets and alleys of the historic center of our beautiful Modica town, between the palaces and the arts of the Baroque, among the pastry shops and artisan bakeries, to let you admire, taste and savor all the good things our territory offers. Because in Modica art, history and cuisine are an indissoluble union. 

modica baroque city of Modica PGI chocolate

Together with the Val di Noto, Modica has been included since 2002 among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its unmistakable Baroque architecture can be found in the majestic cathedrals, palaces, squares, but also in many small details in the streets of the centre, from a balcony, a window or a fountain. 

The area that surrounds it is a riot of Mediterranean vegetation, made up of olive trees, carob trees, prickly pears and a fertile soil rich in aromas and flavours. It is here that a unique and characteristic culinary tradition was born and enriched over the centuries.

vegetations and countryside of Modica in Sicily

What makes us most proud of our city is the ability to evolve and carry on the tradition even in modern times, offering visitors the best of our history, made up of typical products with first choice ingredients and methods of craftsmanship .

The entire Bottega 27 selection is based on this.

PGI Modica chocolate

Modica chocolate , or Modica chocolate is famous all over the world for the quality of the raw materials and for its unmistakable taste. The best chocolate in the world is a product of the ancient Sicilian tradition and what still distinguishes it today is its exclusive recipe and the artisanal preparation process, so special as to give this product the IGP title.

PGI Modica chocolate

Modica chocolate is without cocoa butter , so you can taste the cocoa in all its naturalness, both in taste and consistency. Furthermore, compared to other varieties of chocolate, its preparation requires low-temperature processing which does not allow the sugars to melt. The result is a chocolate with a grainy texture that enhances the contrast between cocoa and sugar and gives the palate unexpected sensations.

Modica chocolate can also be recognized by the natural aromas and spices with which countless variations are created, among all, vanilla, cinnamon, chilli pepper, ginger and citrus peel, offered in variable quantities depending on the production.

Modica chocolate contains at least 50% cocoa, and reaches 75% and 99% in the extra dark and pure chocolate versions. You will never find additives or dyes of any kind.

How to recognize the real Modica Chocolate?

Thanks to its unique qualities in the world, since 2018 the Chocolate of Modica PGI has been recognized by the European Union and is part of the protection consortium of the same name. Furthermore, in Modica there are the producers of Antico Cioccolato di Sicilia or Modica chocolate who faithfully follow the traditional recipe and use only genuine ingredients.

Who produces the Modica chocolate proposed by Bottega 27 ?

To taste the best Modica chocolate in all its nuances of taste, respecting the original recipe, we have chosen CIOMOD and CIOKARRUA , among the best known and most appreciated Modica IGP Chocolate producers.

In addition, CIOMOD maintains a bean to bar production line for handmade chocolate with stone refining and its beautiful premium lines that are perfect as a gift idea for Christmas, Easter or as food favours .

The bean to bar process, from the cocoa bean to the bar, is the pride of the producer BONAJUTO which produces an ancient Sicilian chocolate among the most appreciated in the world.

Cocoa allergy?

To solve this problem, Bottega27 has introduced a product of excellence, Carrubato di Sicilia , known as the "chocolate of the poor" which is ideal for those suffering from cocoa allergies: Sicilian carob pulp flour, cocoa butter, aroma of Sicilian orange, ginger, Nebrodi hazelnuts . Ciokarrua wanted to create a valid alternative to classic chocolate to allow everyone to enjoy a moment of pure gourmet pleasure. NO MILK, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ADDED SUGAR, VEGAN, ORGANIC, BIO, GLUTEN FREE, HELATHY, SUPERFOOD, SUPERFUIT ... what else would you like from a Sicilian Carrubato bar?

Typical Modican biscuits and pastries

Modica is not only synonymous with chocolate, but boasts an ancient pastry tradition carried forward by excellent producers. Only in Modica can you taste the typical Modica biscuits including:


mpanatigghie sweet biscuit typical of Modica Sicily

Mpanatigghi , unique biscuits of their kind, with a base of shortcrust pastry filled with Modica chocolate, almond flour, cinnamon and beef. An unusual and delicious combination, which we find at the roots of the Spanish domination in Sicily and we are sure that it will surprise you.

Nucatoli honey almonds figs biscuits from Modica

Nucatoli di Modica , of very ancient origin, S-shaped, with a thin sheet with a rich and aromatic filling based on honey, dried figs, orange peel, almonds, walnuts, cinnamon and Modica chocolate. An explosion of flavor with an unforgettable taste.


Modica biscuits with carob

Carob biscuits , made with almonds, carob flour, honey, lemon peel and hazelnuts, are refined pastries to be served on special occasions. Naturally free from flour and gluten.

We have selected these wonderful confectionery products from two artisan realities where for decades the skilled hands of master pastry chefs have created real works of taste.

Dry pastries are also made of breakfast or tea biscuits, such as the Squisiti Modicani , biscuits with a characteristic S shape, to be enjoyed dipped in milk, chocolate or to accompany tea. Made with eggs, lard, flour and with the unmistakable aroma of lemon, the exquisite modicani will win you over with their simplicity and friability.

Sicilian cannoli kit shop 27 modica

Among the best proposals of Bottega27 , the Sicilian Cannolo Kit cannot be missing, to be composed directly at home with fresh cow's milk ricotta and flakes of Modica PGI chocolate or Pistachio or Sicilian carob . The Sicilian Cassata , the Easter doves and the typical panettone of Sicily , all fresh pastry products that we select from the ADAMO pastry shop in Modica which participated in the television broadcast on RealTime (channel 31) CakeStar grabbing the second place.

And if we talked about Modica chocolate and confectionery, we cannot fail to mention the Modica chocolate candies produced by KIRAT , a Modican artisan company that delights us with its candies of countless flavours: Modica chocolate with orange, chilli , with cinnamon and then again Lemon, Honey, Carrubba, Lemon and Ginger, Mandarin, Pomegranate, Grapefruit... in organic and vegan versions.

With this roundup of typical Modica products , at Bottega 27 we want to offer you the best of our land and introduce you to the producers, pastry chefs and artisans who know and keep alive the value of quality and Sicilian tradition.

If you have time, you can also learn more about the Modica chocolate products that we offer but above all about the history of Modica chocolate

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